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Imagine a world where your dentist isn’t scary or painful. Sedation dentistry is the way in which Advanced Dental Center can make that dream become a reality.

Sedation is not anything new to the field of dentistry. Many think that “laughing gas” is the only form of sedation out there…but that is not true. There are many types of sedation, including the method used at Advanced Dental Center; which uses medicine in pill form.

Mild Sedation

The main focus is to relax a patient enough to be able to follow through with needed procedures while the patient is still in a conscious and aware state.

Mild sedation is a type of sedation in which the patient has reduced anxiety and increased relaxation and calmness, but is able to respond to verbal or physical stimulation. In other words, the patient has been calmed and relaxed to a point where the anxiety they may have experienced leading up to a dental procedure has been reduced or completely relieved. These are also the safest form of sedation.

Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients are a candidate for this type of sedation dentistry. If you fall into or have experienced the following categories, you are a potential candidate:

  • Have anxiety about a dental procedure
  • Have had previous bad experiences with a dentist
  • Do not like needles or needles around your mouth
  • Have difficulty getting “numb” in previous offices
  • Have a strong gag reflex, making dental procedures uncomfortable
  • Need oral surgery
  • Interested in dental implant surgery
  • Need complex dental work
  • Interested in smile makeovers or improved cosmetic appeal of smile

Pros to Mild Sedation at Advanced Dental Center

One great thing about oral conscious sedation is that the patient is not put all the way to sleep, but still experiences a deep relief from anxiety or fear. Both methods require the patient to be accompanied by another individual that will transport the patient to and from the facility.

Similar to that of the “laughing gas” method, many patients do not remember the procedure being completed, making hard and otherwise painful or scary procedures possible.

If you are going to use oral sedation, you will be prescribed a type of medicine that will relax you enough to have your needed procedure completed. The medicine makes it possible for your dentist to complete your needed procedure without enduring the pain or fear accompanied by many of the major dental procedures today. It will also keep you sedated for some time after your procedure to avoid post-procedure pain or discomfort, allowing your body to start to recover before you become completely aware.

Oral sedation is also more price effective than in-office “laughing gas” sedation.

How to Get An Appointment?

office-photoThe first step is to call our office to set up a new patient visit. Our expert staff will find a time that is convenient for you, that also gives our doctors enough time to sit down with you and figure out not only your needs, but what you want to accomplish with your visits. At Advanced Dental Center, we pride ourselves in the fact that our patients are not moved into our office on an assembly line, but are treated like individuals that have specific wants and needs.

Call our office today at (843) 206-0502 to begin the path in improving your smile and comfort.

 “My name is Heather Morris, I’m from Darlington, South Carolina, I’m a patient of Dr. Joe Griffin Advanced Dental Center. I’ve been very pleased with the dental care that I’ve been provided with by Dr. Griffin, I always know that I will not leave unless Dr. Griffin is confident that his work is perfect, and I always feel comfortable at the office, I always feel at home with all the staff and I’ve had a wonderful experience with Dr. Griffin.”

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